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Renovate Building 10 into 4 apartments

December 10 1976 plan and February 21 1988 revision. Drawn by JENF. Original and revised first, second floor plans. Original is plain, with no inromation beyond title in the legend. Revised copy is clearly a working document-- also has notes. 2 pages.

Modify cabin receptacles

September 2 1986. Detail of the desk and bookshelf unit referred to as the "cabin receptacle." Floor plan: a note says this plan is typical of second, third, fourth floors. 1 page.

"As built" plans

"As built" record plans. North, south, east, west, tower wall elevations; site plan. 6 pages.

Siting plan

March 15 1954. Siting plan for Nixon Building. Writing on back. Includes elevations. 1 page.

Most complete set

Second, third, fourth floor plans; north and south elevations; details; drainage plan with pencil markings; foundation plan. Pages clearly missing. 11 pages.

Install chemistry benches

March 5 1980. Elevations, floor plans, details, sections and projections. Several pencil notes on plan. Notes on back. 8 pages.


23 February 1977, August 31 1977, and March 14 1978 revisions of plan. First floor plans. 3 pages.

August 31

August 31 1977 revision of February 23 1977 plan. Revised floor plan for conversion/improvement of existing science labs on first floor of Grant Block. 1 page.

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