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025-007 1.02.003

Marion Dunsmuir, miniature portrait in profile, hand-tinted with oil or water colours. Formal gown, pearl necklace, earrings.

025-007 1.02.013

Photo of some of the Dunsmuir family and friends. Group of 9 people including: (back row, left to right) Laura Audain, Jack Chaplain, Elizabeth Hope Dunsmuir, Robin Dunsmuir, Elinor Dunsmuir, Jimmy Audain (front row, seated, left to right) Muriel Wingfield Dunsmuir, Laura Dunsmuir and Maude Chaplain. At Journey's End

025-007 1.02.020

Elizabeth Kathleen Dunsmuir, youngest daughter of Robert William and Florence Dunsmuir b. 1924. In W.W. II service uniform.

025-007 1.02.001

Mrs. Laura Dunsmuir, dressed for presentation at Court of St. James, 1902. Seated in armchair, small table with vase of flowers at her side. Wearing satin gown, bodice and skirt over-panels of jewelled embroidery; fabric flowers on bodice, skirt and train; plumed headdress; holding kid gloves.

025-007 1.02.004

Woman in late-nineteenth century dress, posed next to Baroque-style upholstered armchair. Laura Michell identified this as a portrait of her grandmother, Laura Dunsmuir, as a young woman.

025-007 1.02.006

Laura Marion Dunsmuir, age about 5-6, c. 1921. Vignetted portrait, wearing dress with ruffled collar, hairbow. An oval around the subject has been drawn with a pencil.

025-007 1.02.008

Singapore gravesite of Robert William Dunsmuir. The white marble cross monument is inscribed: "In Loving Memory of Robert William Dunsmuir born in British Columbia on 21st August 1877 died in Singapore 6th January 1929"

025-007 1.02.017

Laura Marion Dunsmuir, portrait in profile wearing dark dress with white trim. Age 26-27.

025-007 1.02.018

Dolaura Marion Mitchell (age 10), with her mother, Laura Dunsmuir Mitchell, and her great-aunt, Muriel Dunsmuir St.Clair-Keith. Seated in garden cafe at the Metropole Hotel, Monte Carlo.

025-007 1.02.021

Robin (Robin James) Dunsmuir, b. 1912, eldest child of Robert and Florence Dunsmuir. Posed standing in W.W.II Canadian Navy service uniform

025-007 1.02.005

Muriel Dunsmuir, posed seated, wearing dark-coloured formal chiffon gown with ribbon and bead trim; pearl necklace.

025-007 1.02.007

Muriel Byrd Dunsmuir and Laura Marion Dunsmuir (daughters of Robin and Florence Dunsmuir), with dog, Banker, on lawn at Hatley Park. Caption on back reads "Banker, Laura and me 1920"

025-007 1.02.011

Laura F. Audain, daughter of Byrdie and Guy Audain, dressed for presentation at Court, 1927. Lace, bead-embellished gown, with satin revers. Beaded headband with plumes, tulle or chiffon veil, rose and lily-of-the-valley bouquet.

025-007 1.02.015

Snapshot of holiday group in Switzerland or France, winter of 1929-30. From left: Eddy Hope, Patsy, Robin Dunsmuir, Elizabeth Dunsmuir, Laura Dunsmuir, Bessie Hope, Mr. Beardmore.

025-007 1.02.025

Laura Mary and Muriel Dunsmuir wearing dress-up costumes standing on the terrace of Hatley Castle.

025-007 1.02.002

Mrs. Laura Dunsmuir, seated in armchair in Castle drawing room. Dark dress, pearl necklace, medallion or watch necklace.

025-007 1.02.009

Florence Swinden Dunsmuir, second wife of Robert Dunsmuir, wearing dark jacket or coat, fur-trimmed hat, earrings, strand of pearls. Believed to be taken when she was in her 30's

025-007 1.02.010

Florence Swinden Dunsmuir, in semi-profile. Wearing gown with lace sleeves, pearl necklace. Believed to be taken in late 1920s or early 1930s

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