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Kathleen Dunsmuir as a young woman
025-005-1.02-001 · Pièce · ca. 1915-1920
Fait partie de J. H. Luttmer

Kathleen Dunsmuir as young woman, posed seated, dressed w/ lace collar and cuffs, pearl necklace. Sepia tone portrait

Percival Stevenson portrait
025-005-1.02-004 · Pièce · 1914-1918
Fait partie de J. H. Luttmer

Percival Stevenson, husband of Marion Dunsmuir Stevenson (m. 1913). In W.W. I military uniform. Portrait by Langfier, 20 Old Bond Street, London.

025-005-1.02-006 · Pièce · December 25, 1931
Fait partie de J. H. Luttmer

Dunsmuir family gathering at "Journey's End", 13 subjects include Mrs. Laura Dunsmuir. Caption on back reads: "Muriel's terrace - on Christmas day 1931" L to R back row: Selden Humphries, Jackie Chaplain, Laura Audain, Bessie Hope Droste, Reggie Chaplain, Elinor Dunsmuir, Robin Dunsmuir Jr, Muriel Wingfield, James Audain, Dr. H Wasson. Seated: Maurice 'Tolly' Wingfield, Laura Dunsmuir, Maude Chaplain

Selden Humphries
025-005-1.02-017 · Pièce · 1928-1937
Fait partie de J. H. Luttmer

Selden Humphreys, standing pose, in light jacket, dark coloured fedora.