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Hatley Castle

Original architectural drawings and later copies of original drawings produced by Samuel Maclure for Hatley Castle. In total, these items show eight different architectural drawings of the castle: north, south, east, and west elevations; and cellar and foundation, first, second, and third floor plans.


Maclure-era synthetic vellum drawings, likely transparencies, for production of whiteprint architectural drawings for site use.

Second floor working plan

Colour-coded floor plan. Materials notes and other notes in ink. Also alterations in pencil. Notes on back. Clearly a working document. 1 page.

Modern copies

Modern whiteprints produced from a second set of modern transparencies apparently traced from Maclure originals. Seem to have been used by the DND as part of their planning process.

Secondary transparencies

Transparencies, apparently produced by the DND, for use in creating whiteprints such as those in File 2, same subseries. These reproductions seem to have been part of the planning process for Hatley Castle alterations.

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