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Real Estate film

1- 16 mm colour film with inter-titles of Hatley Park property [1937 - 1940]. Promotional film commissioned by the Royal Trust Company. Film by Douglas Flintoff.

025-003 1.02. 23

Family and friends in the garden of the Thomas Catterall (Sr.) residence in Oak Bay. From Left: daughter Florence Catterall, Mr. Thomas Catterall, Mr. And Mrs. Ormond, Mrs. Thomas Catterall, Mrs. Drake, "Dickie", and daughter Ida Catterall

025-003 1.02. 21

A group of 7, posed standing. Harry Catterall is on the left, with unidentified woman, Mrs. Ada Catterall holding infant daughter Laura, and Ada's cousin, Arthur Lofts on the right. Tommie and Helen Catterall are standing in front. This photograph was taken after completion of the Hatley project, c. 1914

025-003 1.02. 13

Mrs. Ada Catterall, daughter Helen, in boat with two ladies wearing hats (identified as Mrs. Truesdell and Mrs. Hawthorne). Caption reads: "On the spit Oct. 1908."

025-003 1.02. 12

A large group assembled on the lagoon. There are several children in the picture--it may have been a gathering of families/ or friends associated with the Hatley construction project. Harry Catterall is standing on the right, holding daughter, Helen. Ida Catterall is stood on Harry 's right. Ada Catterall is seated in front of Ida with son Tommie on her lap. Caption reads "Aug. 9' 08".

025-003 1.02. 11

A group of 6 standing on top of masonry construction, at Hatley Castle construction site. Caption reads Aug. 9'08

025-003 1.02. 10

Two women visitors at the Hatley site, wearing summer dresses and hats. On the left is Ida Catterall and the woman on the right is identified in other photos as Fransetta. Caption reads: "Hatley Park, Aug. 9 '08"

025-003 1.02. 04

Mrs. Ada Catterall, with her daughter and son, Helen and Tommie, and unidentified woman. Caption reads: "On the spit July 14 '08

025-003 1.02.03

Picture of Mrs. Ada Catterall with infant daughter, Helen, and unidentified woman. Caption reads "on the target July 14' 08"

Casey, JR

Jennifer Rose Casey attended Royal Roads University in 2016 and earned a Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies. Born in 1985, she was serving with the Royal Canadian Air Force, 431 Air demonstration squadron when she was killed in a crash of a Snowbirds CT-114 tutor jet in Kamloops, BC on 17 May, 2020.

MacKenzie, J-AD

Juli-Ann MacKenzie attended Royal Roads Military College from 1991-1995. Born in 1972, she joined the Air Force and was serving with the 444 Combat Support Squadron when she was killed in a helicopter crash 80 km northwest of CFB Goose Bay, NL on 18 July 2002.

Selby, MD

Miles Darren Selby attended Royal Roads Military College from 1991-1995. Born in 1973, he joined the Air Force and was serving with the 431 Air demonstration squadron and was killed in a mid-air collision during a snowbirds practice flight near Mossbank, SK on December 19, 2004.

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