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Memorial Plaque Entries
CA RRU 020-002-01 · Série organique · 1941-2022
Fait partie de Royal Roads Memorial Plaque Collection

Series contains a file for each Canadian Forces member named on the plaque. A brief biography, including the dates they attended Royal Roads is given as a scope note for the file and selected digital objects have been included as file items.

CA RRU 2011.020-011-1 · Série organique · 1992 - 1995
Fait partie de Royal Roads Military College

4 "The Log" yearbooks from Royal Roads Military College, 1992 through the last year, 1995

CA RRU 2011.020-013-1 · Série organique
Fait partie de Royal Roads Military College

"The Log" yearbooks from 1944, 1945, 1946, Christmas 1946, 1995

Record drawings
CA RRU 2011.020-I-1 · Série organique · 1956 - 1993
Fait partie de Royal Roads Military College

Cartographic and architectural drawings created for the purpose of recording the site for reference.

CA RRU 025-002-1 · Série organique · ca. 1890-1960, predominant 1908-1940
Fait partie de K. McCann

The photographs cover a period from the late 1800’s up to the 1960’s. They include images of Hatley Castle, designed by Samuel Maclure, the Japanese Garden, Italian Garden and the Rose Garden and surrounding grounds designed by the Boston landscape architectural firm of Brett and Hall. Buildings on the property include the stables, garage, tennis courts, barns and a Lord and Burnham designed greenhouse. There are also many images of Dunsmuir family members, friends, visitors to Hatley Park and other properties, and trips to other destinations. These people and locations are not always identified.

Family Album: Haywards at Hatley Park
CA RRU 025-008-1 · Série organique · 1910-1920
Fait partie de B. Citerley

Images in this series are from an album compiled by Ella Hayward and show the Hayward family at Hatley Park from 1910 to 1920, as well as newspaper clippings about Dunsmuir family members.

CA RRU 025-001-1 · Série organique · 1925-1935
Fait partie de Hatley Park Collection

Photos show the family gathered at the Peachey home by the old stables at Hatley Park. These stables were converted to apartments by Laura Dunsmuir. There are also photos in the croquet garden.

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CA RRU 2011.020-020-005-1 · Série organique
Fait partie de Royal Roads Military College

Reflections on my life as an officer cadet at RRMC 1973-1975, compiled in Sept 2013 for Homecoming Reunion

The Log yearbook
CA RRU 2011.020-002-1 · Série organique · 1952 - 1967
Fait partie de Royal Roads Military College

The Log is a published annual produced by the students of Royal Roads Military College and its antecedents. The Log contains photographs and articles about events and sports on campus, as well as provides biographies of graduating cadets.

CA RRU 2011.020-A-1 · Série organique · 1940 - 1995
Fait partie de Royal Roads Military College

The photographs in this sub-series depict the academic life of officer cadets while they studied at Royal Roads Military College (and its antecedents).

CA RRU 2011.020-001-1 · Série organique
Fait partie de Royal Roads Military College

30 glossy photographs depticting the Royal Canadian Naval College:

  • education
  • sports
  • formal occassions