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Roland Stuart's Hatley Park

The Hatley Park estate was so named in 1889 when the land was purchased by Roland Stuart and Charles St. Aubyn Pearse. The name derives from the ancestral home of the Pearse family in England. Pearse died in 1901 and Stuart had a number of other business partners and tenant farmers who helped manage the estate.

A large fire destroyed the property in 1905 and shortly after, Roland Stuart put the estate up for sale.

Brown Suede Album

  • CA RRU 025-002-1-6
  • File
  • ca. 1890-1910
  • Part of K. McCann

Images in this album are predominantly from before the Dunsmuir family lived at Hatley Park. There are several images of the Dunsmuir children living at Burleith, their home on Victoria's Gorge waterway from 1892 until 1906 when James Dunsmuir became the province's Lieutenant-Governor and the family moved to Government House. There are also pictures taken in the UK soon after Maye was married to Lt. Arthur Bromley in 1904. Also included are images from an apparent tourist trip to visit goldrush settlements such as Bennett, Dawson City and Whitehorse. Along with these are souvenir photos of Atlin, BC, by noted photographer A.C. Hirshfeld. James Dunsmuir travelled to Atlin in 1901 as part of the provincial government's 'Atlin Committee' investigating mining licenses issued to aliens, among other things.

Black Album 2

  • CA RRU 025-002-1-2
  • File
  • ca. 1908-1940
  • Part of K. McCann

Black Album 2 contains pictures of various Dunsmuir vacations, including a trip to Egypt in 1912. Most of the people and places in this album are unidentified.

Black Album 4

  • CA RRU 025-002-1-4
  • File
  • ca. 1908-1940
  • Part of K. McCann

Photos in this album were collected by Muriel Dunsmuir and include several images from her home, Journey's End, which was built adjacent to the Hatley Park estate and is now a part of Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site. There are also many views of Hatley Park taken ca. 1939-1940, when there were no longer any Dunsmuir family members in residence, but the estate had not yet been sold to the Canadian Government for use as a naval training establishment.

Japanese Gardens

The upper Japanese garden at Hatley Park was designed by Japanese landscape architect Isaburo Kishida. The garden was installed in 1909 and developed by Tadashi Noda from 1913-1927.

Black Album 1

  • CA RRU 025-002-1-1
  • File
  • ca. 1908-1940
  • Part of K. McCann

Black Album 1 mainly contains images around Hatley Park

Buildings at Hatley Park

When James Dunsmuir purchased the Hatley Park land in 1907, he acquired some surrounding property to expand the estate and hired Samuel Maclure to design the large family home, now known as Hatley Castle. In 1911, unsatisfied with the estate layout, Dunsmuir hired Brett and Hall, a Boston-based landscaping company, to develop the estate and model farm.

Black Album 3

  • CA RRU 025-002-1-3
  • File
  • ca. 1890-1949
  • Part of K. McCann

Images in this album were most likely collected by Dola Dunsmuir. There are around 100 pictures from Dola's school days at Miss Ransom and Miss Bridges’ School for girls in Piedmont, California, which she attended in 1920 at the age of 17. Also included are photos from a tour of the ruins in northern Europe after the Great War. Dola accompanied her sister, Muriel and husband Edward Molyneux on a road trip to such places as Cambrai, Lens, Rancourt, Vimy and Ypres. Also in this album are several pictures or Eileen Molyneux and Clifton Webb. Both performers on stage and in film, Eileen was a cousin of Edward Molyneux and long time friend of the Dunsmuir girls. Clifton Webb performed on stage several times with Eileen, including at the Paris nightclub co-owned by Edward Molyneux and Elsa Maxwell.

Family Album: Mann/McLean Family

  • CA RRU 025-011-1.02
  • File
  • ca. 1900-1950
  • Part of N. Atchison

Album includes photos of the McLean family in Fisherton, Ayrshire, Scotland. Jennie McLean Mann spent the duration of the Great War at her parents home in Scotland. There are wartime photos from both WWI and WWII in this album, however, only images from the family's time at Hatley Park (ca. 1911-1923) have been made available online.

Note that Charlie's father, William Edward John Mann was often known as Fred, as was Charlie (Charles Frederick). Descriptions here refer to them as WEJ and Charlie to avoid confusion.

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