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Robert F. Harrison Associates
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Proposal A

February 3 1972. Site plan; floor plan; north, south, east, west elevations; cross section. Drawing 1 has an altered graphic taped over the page. Notes on back. 2 pages.

Wall sections

July 28 1972. Drawn by ONO. North, south, east, west wall sections and details. 2 pages.

Building and "as built" plans

January 9 and October 1 1974. Drawn by ONO. Main floor shelving and furniture plan. 1 copy of January 9 1974 revision of July 28 1972 original. 2 copies of November 1 1974 "as built" record plan.

Site development study

December 1971. Site surveying maps showing RRMC site, existing buildings, and proposed developments. One page missing. Notes on back. 6 pages.