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J. H. Luttmer
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Percival Stevenson portrait

Percival Stevenson, husband of Marion Dunsmuir Stevenson (m. 1913). In W.W. I military uniform. Portrait by Langfier, 20 Old Bond Street, London.

Dunsmuir family gathering at "Journey's End"

  • 025-005-1.02-006
  • Pièce
  • December 25, 1931
  • Fait partie de J. H. Luttmer

Dunsmuir family gathering at "Journey's End", 13 subjects include Mrs. Laura Dunsmuir. Caption on back reads: "Muriel's terrace - on Christmas day 1931" L to R back row: Selden Humphries, Jackie Chaplain, Laura Audain, Bessie Hope Droste, Reggie Chaplain, Elinor Dunsmuir, Robin Dunsmuir Jr, Muriel Wingfield, James Audain, Dr. H Wasson. Seated: Maurice 'Tolly' Wingfield, Laura Dunsmuir, Maude Chaplain

Selden Humphries

Selden Humphreys, standing pose, in light jacket, dark coloured fedora.

J. H. Luttmer

  • 025-005
  • Fonds
  • ca. 1913-1937

The 23 images in the collection are scanned from Joan Humphreys Luttmer’s personal collection. The images are mostly portrait photos of Dunsmuir family members, specifically, grandmother, Laura Dunsmuir, mother, Kathleen Dunsmuir Humphreys, father, Selden Humphreys, and siblings James, Jill and Judy. Various other formal and informal family photos are included.

Dunsmuir Family

Kathleen Dunsmuir as a young woman

  • 025-005-1.02-001
  • Pièce
  • ca. 1915-1920
  • Fait partie de J. H. Luttmer

Kathleen Dunsmuir as young woman, posed seated, dressed w/ lace collar and cuffs, pearl necklace. Sepia tone portrait