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025-004 1.02.030

Joan Humphreys, age about 12. She is seated, wearing dress with lace sleeves, double strand pearl necklace.

025-004 1.02.032

Dunsmuir family group on the terrace at "Journey's End." Left to right, standing in black: Laura Audain, Jackie Chaplin, Robin Dunsmuir, James Audain. Next row, standing: Bessie Hope, Elinor Dunsmuir. Seated in front: Muriel Dunsmuir Wingfield, Mrs. Laura Dunsmuir, Maude Dunsmuir Chaplin.

025-004 1.02.035

Dola Dunsmuir on Beauty, in riding coat and hat. Circular drive, Hatley Park. Photo by Trio, Victoria ca 1912

025-007 1.02.002

Mrs. Laura Dunsmuir, seated in armchair in Castle drawing room. Dark dress, pearl necklace, medallion or watch necklace.

025-007 1.02.009

Florence Swinden Dunsmuir, second wife of Robert Dunsmuir, wearing dark jacket or coat, fur-trimmed hat, earrings, strand of pearls. Believed to be taken when she was in her 30's

025-007 1.02.010

Florence Swinden Dunsmuir, in semi-profile. Wearing gown with lace sleeves, pearl necklace. Believed to be taken in late 1920s or early 1930s

025-007 1.02.012

Muriel Dunsmuir Wingfield, in her 40s. Wearing fur coat, triple-strand pearl necklace, turban-style chapeau. Portrait by Hester Wilkinson

025-007 1.02.014

Photo of some of the Dunsmuir family and friends. Group of 13 people (L-R): Back row: Selden Humphries, Jackie Chaplain, Laura Audain, Reggie Chaplain, Dr. H Wasson. Standing: Bobby Drost, Bessie Hope, Elinor Dunsmuir, Muriel Wingfield, Robin Dunsmuir. Seated: Tolly Wingfield, Laura Dunsmuir, Maude Chaplain. At Journey's End

025-007 1.02.023

Hatley Castle from Croquet pitch, bay trees gone, replaced by boxwood after 1937.

025-007 1.02.026

Little girl wearing a dress and a bow in her hair walking on the terrace of Hatley Castle. Side body profile. Her arms are crossed.

025-009 1.02.006

Hatley Castle from south, under construction. Temporary buildings at east and west end of site

025-011 1.01.003

Garden in the courtyard of the stables and mews, Hatley Park North East view. Shows the coachman's house and the courtyard wall

025-011 1.01.036

Helen among the driftwood, probably at the Esquimalt lagoon beach

025-011 1.01.041

Helen and Joan in front of dairyman's cottage, Hatley Park. Hay barn is visible in the background.

025-011 1.01.080

Men working on a compost pile at the base of the silo, Hatley Park

025-011 1.02.020

group outside coachman's cottage at Hatley Park. WEJ (Fred), Harriet, Jennie and 3 unknown adults

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