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Hatley castle from south east with construction crew in front.

Hatley castle from south east with construction crew in front. Most windows have been installed, some scaffolding remains around terrace wall.
Hatley Castle was designed by renowned British Columbia architect Samuel Maclure for James Dunsmuir. Using only the finest materials, builders, stonemasons and detail carpenters only took 18 months to construct the building from 1908 until 1910. The construction was overseen by contractor, Thomas Catterall.

Shields, WE

Walter Edward Shields attended Royal Roads January to April in 1941, in the first class of RCNVR Special Entry cadets. The first five classes were also known informally as ‘90 Day wonders’, as their wartime training at HMCS Royal Roads was just over 3 months. Born 21 April, 1917, Shields was training to become a lawyer before joining the RCNVR. On completion of training, he joined HMCS Windflower, which was sunk on 7 December, 1941. Shields was one of 23 men who lost their lives in the incident.

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