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025-003 1.02. 26

Laura Catterall, daughter of Harry and Ada Catterall, standing on Neptune steps at Hatley Park. She was attending a Women's institute garden party with her mother.

025-003 1.02.01

Picture of Mrs. Ada Catterall and Ida Catterall, her sister-in-law, seated on front steps of a house on the grounds of Hatley Park. Mrs. Catterall's handwritten caption reads: "Where we camped from March 5, 1908 to December 20, 1909 Hatley Park, Colwood B.C."

025-003 1.02.02

Picture of Mrs. Ada Catterall with daughter, Helen, on front steps of house the Harry Catteralls lived during Hatley Castle construction. Caption reads: "July 11'08"

025-003 1.02.03

Picture of Mrs. Ada Catterall with infant daughter, Helen, and unidentified woman. Caption reads "on the target July 14' 08"

025-004 1.02.001

A. Selden Humphreys, vignetted portrait in leather-bound frame. W.W. I military uniform. Portrait by Langfier Ltd. Old Bond Street London W.

025-004 1.02.002

A. Selden Humphreys, posed standing, in W.W. I military uniform (Major, A.S.C.). Portrait by Raoul Autin, 34 Boulevard de Strasbourg Le Havre.

025-004 1.02.004

James "Boy" Dunsmuir, on Kismet, right profile, in civilian riding dress, posed in against trees.

025-004 1.02.006

James "Boy" Dunsmuir, age about 1 year. Enhanced portrait, image of James superimposed on seashell bed, faux seaside studio set. By Mrs. R. Maynard, Photographic Artist, Victoria..

025-004 1.02.007

James and Laura Dunsmuir's children. From left: Marion, Elinor, Robin, Maye, Boy, Muriel, Kathleen, Byrdie, Bessie. Pencilled note on back reads: "Mrs. James Dunsmuir, Craigflower Road, frame suitably"

025-004 1.02.008

Mrs. Laura Dunsmuir, seated at desk in Castle drawing room, foot resting on footstool. Dark dress with white collar, fur-trimmed wrap across shoulder.

025-004 1.02.010

Mrs. Laura Dunsmuir, in orchard at Departure Bay, approaching a calf. Wearing floor- length walking costume, with long scarf, large brimmed hat. Wooden fence and or wall under construction visible in background.

025-004 1.02.011

Mrs. Laura Dunsmuir, standing at foot of Neptune steps, Hatley Park, leaning on cane. Dressed in ankle-length, striped walking suit, light scarf, straw hat. Trees are in full leaf in background.

025-004 1.02.013

James Dunsmuir, standing in Italian garden, Hatley Park. Striped suit with vest, brimmed straw hat, cane.

025-004 1.02.014

Marion, Kathleen, Elinor and Muriel Dunsmuir as young children (Kathleen seated on table, appears to be about one year old).

025-004 1.02.015

Marion Dunsmuir, seated on cushion, in formal gown with sheer drape across shoulders. Water colour-tinted portrait.

025-004 1.02.016

Marion Dunsmuir, posed side-saddle, dressed in riding costume with hat. In circular drive, Hatley Park, Neptune steps in background.

025-004 1.02.017

Muriel Dunsmuir, dancing with unidentified man; both in theatrical costume. Muriel wearing long dress with train, bonnet with ribbon streamers, satin-laced dancing shoes.

025-004 1.02.018

Kathleen Dunsmuir as toddler in light smocked dress with puffed sleeves, large brimmed hat with ostrich-plume trim.

025-004 1.02.019

Kathleen Dunsmuir as young woman wearing lace-yoked dress, fabric rose on bodice, brimmed and tulle-trimmed hat with tulle streamers, choker necklace.

025-004 1.02.020

Kathleen Dunsmuir, seated, in walking suit with tailored blouse and long tie. Tricorn felt hat, gloves, fox fur neck-piece and muff. Photograph is autographed "For Dear Miss Esam, December 1906."

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