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WEJ (Fred), Harriet and Jennie Mann at their home, Hatley Park. WEJ (Fred) and Harriet are Charlie's parents. The picture is taken at the front door of their home in the courtyard of the stables and mews.

025-011 1.01.002

Garden in the courtyard of the stables and mews, Hatley Park South East view. The coachman's house is on the left, just out of shot

025-011 1.01.035

WEJ (Fred), holding Helen, with two others at the beach, probably Esquimalt lagoon.

025-011 1.01.037

Helen and Joan playing with a flower on an unknown porch, probably Hatley Park

025-011 1.01.039

Helen and Joan in front of dairyman's cottage, Hatley Park. Hay barn is visible in the background

025-011 1.02.025

Two Hatley Park horses and 3 dogs. The names of the dogs are written on the edge of the photo. WEJ (Fred) Mann appears to be riding James Dunsmuir Jr.'s horse, Kismet.

025-011 1.01.005

Harriet Mann and Helen or Joan on the terrace at Hatley Park, SE view

025-011 1.01.024

WEJ (Fred) Mann with horse and 3 other people at HW Simpson Blacksmiths. According to Charlie Mann's memoir, Billy Simpson's Blacksmith was located at Parson's Bridge, near the 6 Mile Pub on the Island Highway.

025-011 1.01.049

Helen and Joan in front of a bush at the dairyman's cottage, Hatley Park

025-011 1.01.050

Helen and Joan pushing a dog in a pram near the hay barn at Hatley Park

025-011 1.01.052

Helen and Joan with a woman (not Jennie(?)) among some tall beanstalks outside a house, possibly Hatley Park

025-011 1.02.021

Harry Mann and Parker and Mrs Bates son. [Description comes from note on verso]

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