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P. Luttmer
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P. Luttmer

  • 025-004
  • Fonds
  • ca. 1913-1932

The 32 images in the collection are scanned from Peter Luttmer’s personal collection. The images are mostly portrait photos of Dunsmuir family members. Specifically, grandmother, Laura (Surles) Dunsmuir (1858-1937), mother, Kathleen Dunsmuir Humphreys, father, Selden Humphreys (1880-1960), and sisters Jill and Judith. Various other formal and informal family photos are included.

Dunsmuir Family

025-004 1.02.004

James "Boy" Dunsmuir, on Kismet, right profile, in civilian riding dress, posed in against trees.

025-004 1.02.013

James Dunsmuir, standing in Italian garden, Hatley Park. Striped suit with vest, brimmed straw hat, cane.

025-004 1.02.015

Marion Dunsmuir, seated on cushion, in formal gown with sheer drape across shoulders. Water colour-tinted portrait.

025-004 1.02.019

Kathleen Dunsmuir as young woman wearing lace-yoked dress, fabric rose on bodice, brimmed and tulle-trimmed hat with tulle streamers, choker necklace.

025-004 1.02.021

Kathleen Dunsmuir, in lame Arabian-style gown, appears to be standing on deck of boat or ship. Location and date uncertain. Possibly taken during family trip aboard 1911-12, when the Dunsmuirs cruised the Nile.

025-004 1.02.022

Kathleen Dunsmuir Humphreys wearing coat and hat, seated on wall in garden of Beverly Hills home. Caption on back reads: "Mummy in the garden."

025-004 1.02.029

Joan Humphreys as small child, seated, with hands folded. Enhanced, tinted portrait.

025-004 1.02.033

James and Laura Dunsmuir, with Eileen Molyneux, in Italian Garden, Hatley Park. Mrs. Dunsmuir in dark walking costume, straw hat, cane. Mr. Dunsmuir in striped suit with vest, cloth cap, cane. Eileen in light summer suit, brimmed hat.

025-004 1.02.002

A. Selden Humphreys, posed standing, in W.W. I military uniform (Major, A.S.C.). Portrait by Raoul Autin, 34 Boulevard de Strasbourg Le Havre.

025-004 1.02.016

Marion Dunsmuir, posed side-saddle, dressed in riding costume with hat. In circular drive, Hatley Park, Neptune steps in background.

025-004 1.02.020

Kathleen Dunsmuir, seated, in walking suit with tailored blouse and long tie. Tricorn felt hat, gloves, fox fur neck-piece and muff. Photograph is autographed "For Dear Miss Esam, December 1906."

025-004 1.02.023

Kathleen Dunsmuir Humphreys, wearing satin gown with chiffon scarf.

025-004 1.02.025

James "Boy" Dunsmuir Jr. mounted on pony, wearing wide-brimmed straw hat.

025-004 1.02.031

Candid group photo, taken in Paris nightclub (possibly Maxim's per Joan Luttmer). From left to right seated at table: James Humphreys, Muriel Dunsmuir Wingfield, unidentified man, Dickie (surname unknown).

025-004 1.02.003

A. Selden Humphreys, with pipe. Matted portrait by Hugo Cheltenham.

025-004 1.02.005

James "Boy" Dunsmuir, age 5-6, seated on table, dressed in sailor suit.

025-004 1.02.007

James and Laura Dunsmuir's children. From left: Marion, Elinor, Robin, Maye, Boy, Muriel, Kathleen, Byrdie, Bessie. Pencilled note on back reads: "Mrs. James Dunsmuir, Craigflower Road, frame suitably"

025-004 1.02.010

Mrs. Laura Dunsmuir, in orchard at Departure Bay, approaching a calf. Wearing floor- length walking costume, with long scarf, large brimmed hat. Wooden fence and or wall under construction visible in background.

025-004 1.02.012

Mrs. Laura Dunsmuir, standing on paved terrace, Hatley Park.

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