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Royal Roads Military College
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W. Woodley

Thirty photographs of cadets from 1940s during educational, sporting, and official events at the Royal Canadian Naval College; one drawing of Hatley Castle; one booklet "Prospectus for students 1944-45"; one"Views" booklet from 1940; Log v.5, no 1 (1943, first one for HMCS Royal Roads); biographical information on donor, including photograph

M. Townsend

"The Log" yearbooks from 1952, 1953 (x2), 1954 (x3), 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967
"White Twist" yearbooks from 1953, 1954
1 photograph of cadets singing in Hatley Castle at Christmas

G.F. Dalsin

installation & convocation booklet 1978; Royal visit to RRMC 8 Mar 1983; red booklet of RRMC University teacher's economic benefits; article from Daily Colonist of RRMC's first graduating cadets 1977; article of early Hatley Castle photos from Goldstream Gazette (which depicts amazing early photos of Hatley Park owned by Betty Jenkins)

M. Caines

Yearbooks The Log - 1992 through 1995; LP of RRMC band (unopened); video cassette "RRMC - A University with a Difference" 1989

Anonymous 1

Morse code guide; flags guide; Log yearbooks from 1944, 1945, Christmas 1945, 1946, 1995, program from RRMC 50th Anniversary parade, 1990; photograph of Princess Juliana inspecting cadets; Christmas card from cadets (2) 1943 or 1944; Royal Canadian Naval College Prospectus 1945-1946; 1943-1945 badge; navigation set used when a cadet

K. Inkster

Photographs, yearbooks, histories collected from ex-cadets in the process of working with RRU Foundation as liaison with alumina of the military college

J. Bradbury

Scanned from a scrapbook of a cadet at Royal Roads Military College, September 1960 - June 1962. Images include arrival at college, obstacle course, parades, dances, sports. The cadet was assistant to Mr. Freely, who was the photographer at the time.

H.W. Kirchmeir

8 colour slides of 1971 or 1974 RRMC graduation parade. Photographer knew graduate Lyle Geier, who was previously a student in his school in Kathryn, Alberta

A. Weisbrot

1 academic calendar from Canadian Services College Royal Roads, 1967-68

Record drawings

Cartographic and architectural drawings created for the purpose of recording the site for reference.

Swimming pool- March 3 1965

March 3 1965 revision of plans created June-July 1960. Basement, first, second floor plans. Some notation in red pencil. Working document. 3 pages.

January 27 1965

January 27 1965 revision of February 22 1960 plan. Drawn by K. Weisse. Second floor plan. 1 page.

June 15 1976

Copy of plan creased June 15 1976. Drawn by D* Delica. Main floor plan. Note including conversion of feet to metres. Paper and tape both seem fairly new. 1 page.

February 23

February 23 1977. Floor plan for conversion/improvement of existing science labs on first floor of Grant Block. 1 page.

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