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Anonymous 1

  • Person

attended Royal Canadian Naval College from 1943 to 1945

Royal Roads Military College Band

  • Corporate body

RRMC band was composed of 15 pipers and drummers and 30 brass-and-reed musicians. All were officer cadets at the college.

DND (Department of National Defence)

  • Corporate body

Established by the National Defence Act, the Department of National Defence incorporates the military forces of Canada. The fundamental goal of DND and the Canadian Forces is to protect Canada, and Canadian interests and values, while contributing to international peace and security. The Canadian Forces includes the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Air Force, and the Royal Canadian Navy.

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Woodley, William

  • Person

Captain's secretary for HMCS Royal Roads (RRMC), from August 1941 - February 1944.

Skinner, Richard

  • Person

Richard Skinner was president and vice-chancellor of Royal Roads University from 2002 to 2006.

Waddell, Sherman

  • Person

Dr Waddell was a physics teacher at Royal Roads Military College. He is currently the Director of International Initiatives at Royal Roads University.

Caines, Michael

  • Person

commandant at Royal Roads Military College from 1991 - 1994

Dunsmuir, James

  • Person
  • 1851-1920

James Dunsmuir, industrialist, politician, premier of British Columbia 1900-02 (b at Ft Vancouver, Wash 8 July 1851; d at Cowichan, BC 6 June 1920), son of Robert Dunsmuir. Main heir to his family's coal fortune and spokesman for capital over labour, Dunsmuir dominated BC's economy until 1900. From 1876 to 1910 he managed the family coal operations on Vancouver Island, increasing annual output tenfold by opening new fields and improving mining methods. He invested widely in transport, agriculture, manufacturing and other resource industries.

Dunsmuir withstood all attempts at unionizing his operations, becoming labour's chief target in western Canada. In 1905 he sold the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway to the CPR and in 1910 he sold his collieries to William Mackenzie and Donald Mannfor $10 million.
Dunsmuir was elected MPP for Yale in 1898; he was premier of BC from 1900 to 1902, leading a Conservative administration concerned chiefly with Asian immigration, railway construction and BC's position within Confederation. A less prestigious figure would have had problems redistributing the legislature to reflect the now dominant mainland, and a more partisan politician would have remained longer in office. Dunsmuir disliked politics and served more from a sense of public duty than a desire for power. He reluctantly agreed in 1906 to be the province's lieutenant-governor, but resigned in 1909, relieved to be free to enjoy his lands and yacht.

Among Dunsmuir's real estate possessions was Hatley Castle, which was built for him by Samuel MacLure and which today houses the administration offices of Royal Roads University.
(From The Canadian Encyclopedia)

James Dunsmuir died on June 6, 1920, at his hunting lodge along Cowichan River.

Dalsin, Gordon

  • Person

Gordon Francis Dalsin was a mathematics teacher at Royal Roads Military College from 1948 to 1978.

Goodall, Edward

  • Person
  • 1909 - 1981

Edward Goodall was a self-taught artist who specialized in British Columbia landscapes and buildings. He had a copyrighted company called "Goodall's Pencil Postcard Series" in which he drew pictures of scenes of Vancouver Island.

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Watling, Len

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  • September 12, 1925 - May 17, 2004

Len Watling was the official photographer for Royal Roads Military College from 1964 - 1985.

Bruner, Gavin

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bandmaster at Royal Roads Military College from 1979 - 1985

Goodman, Cindy

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Cindy Goodman is an employee of Royal Roads University. Her areas of responsibility include convocation and alumni relations.

Weisbrot, Arnie

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Arnie Weisbrot, 9003, studied at Canadian Services Royal Roads College from 1967-68.

Barr, Debra

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  • 1954-2008

Debra Barr was a trained archivist who worked at RRU as freedom of information, privacy and records manager. She also helped to create and curate the Robert Bateman Art and Environmental Education Centre, which will house Robert Bateman's archives and collections at RRU.

Tragically, on October 13, 2008, Debra passed away following complications due to a rare heart infection.

Frank Udell

  • Person
  • 1916 - 2010

A native of Rawdon, Quebec, Udell started wartime service with his enlistment in 1941, attending the Royal Canadian Naval College Royal Roads on Course 3, graduating and being sent on loan to the Royal Navy to serve on HMS Lulworth.

More notes on Udell's naval career and his life available with the donation documents of 2011.003.

Inkster, Karen

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Karen works for the Royal Roads University Foundation as the ex-cadet liaison for alumina from RRMC. She records oral histories, prepares presentations for the annual Homecoming Event as well as accepts donations of RRMC-related photographs and other memorabilia.

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