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McCann, Kathleen

  • Personne

Kathleen McCann is a direct descendant of James Dunsmuir. Her mother was Judith Humphreys, a daughter of Kathleen Dunsmuir, the second youngest daughter of James and Laura Dunsmuir’s ten children.

Woodley, William

  • Personne

Captain's secretary for HMCS Royal Roads (RRMC), from August 1941 - February 1944.

Royal Roads Military College

  • Collectivité

Royal Roads Military College (RRMC) and its antecedents were located at Hatley Park from 1940 until its mandated federal closure in June 1995. Cadets attended classes, trained and lived on the campus. The college first was housed in Hatley Castle, with the Grant block being built for classroom and barack space in 1943. Two additional buildings were built for the cadets, and many on site buildings were adapted for use by the college.

Dalsin, Gordon

  • Personne

Gordon Francis Dalsin was a mathematics teacher at Royal Roads Military College from 1948 to 1978.

Royal Canadian Naval College

  • Collectivité
  • 1940 - 1942

Royal Canadian Naval College was the first name of the military college at Hatley Park.

Goodman, Cindy

  • Personne

Cindy Goodman is an employee of Royal Roads University. Her areas of responsibility include convocation and alumni relations.

Inkster, Karen

  • Personne

Karen works for the Royal Roads University Foundation as the ex-cadet liaison for alumina from RRMC. She records oral histories, prepares presentations for the annual Homecoming Event as well as accepts donations of RRMC-related photographs and other memorabilia.

Knox, Jim

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British Columbia. Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform.

  • Collectivité

The Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform is a group created by the government of British Columbia, Canada to investigate changes to the provincial electoral system.

On 25 October 2004, it proposed replacing the province's existing First Past the Post (FPTP) system with a Single Transferable Vote (STV) system: this recommendation was put to the electorate-at-large in a referendum held concurrently with the 2005 provincial election. The referendum required approval by 60% of votes and simple majorities in 60% of the 79 districts in order to pass: final results indicate that the referendum failed with only 57.7% of votes in favour, although it did have majority support in 77 of the 79 electoral districts.

Another referendum on adopting the STV system was held and defeated during BC's 2009 provincial election.

Howland S. Chandler

  • Personne

Howland Shaw Chandler was a Boston architect active between 1902 and 1918.

McCarter Nairne

  • 1921-1982

John Y. McCarter (b. 1886- d.1981) and George C. Nairne's (b. 1884-d. 1953) long-lived design firm was responsible for numerous buildings in Vancouver, including two of the city's first skyscrapers: the Medical Dental Building (1928-9, demolished 1988), and the landmark Marine Building (1928-30, still standing).

They are known as one of the most important Vancouver architectural firms in their period. Their buildings reveal a willingness to experiment with modern architectural styles. Both the Medical Dental Building and the Marine Building, for instance, exemplify the Art Deco style. The firm’s experience with this style is reflected in the design of the Grant Building. They are also noted for their use of the Modern Gothic style, elements of which are reflected in the Nixon Building.

Although they are best known for their Vancouver projects, McCarter Nairne first met in the Victoria offices of Thomas Hooper, where McCarter trained and Nairne worked for a period of time. Hooper’s offices moved to Vancouver during their time with him.
In part because of the support of government contracts, the firm continued working through the 1930s and the war years. Canadian Services College Royal Roads is among their significant projects.

The two original partners’ final project was Vancouver’s modernist General Post Office (1952-58). The firm continued operation under a series of partners until 1982.

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