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Corporate body · 1985-1995

Aitken Wreglesworth Associates were a large architectural and design firm responsible for designing the Millward Building. In 1995, the firm merged with Waisman Dewar Grout Carter Inc. and partner David Aitken left both the firm and the field of architecture. The resulting firm, Architectura, practiced until 2003 when it was sold to Stantec.

Anonymous 1

attended Royal Canadian Naval College from 1943 to 1945

Atchison, Norm

Norm Atchison's grandmother was Jennie Mann (Nee McLean), housemaid at Hatley Park and later wife of the teamster, Charlie Mann. Charlie later became the dairyman at Hatley Park and the family, with two daughters, Helen Harriet and Dorothy Joan, lived in the dairyman's house opposite the hay barn and dairy building. Charlie’s parents and brothers also worked at Hatley Park. Charlie’s father, William Edward John “Fred” Mann was the coachman and lived adjacent to the stables.

Barr, Debra
Person · 1954-2008

Debra Barr was a trained archivist who worked at RRU as freedom of information, privacy and records manager. She also helped to create and curate the Robert Bateman Art and Environmental Education Centre, which will house Robert Bateman's archives and collections at RRU.

Tragically, on October 13, 2008, Debra passed away following complications due to a rare heart infection.

Brett & Hall
Corporate body

Franklin Brett and George D. Hall were landscape architects from Boston known for several projects in British Columbia, notably the garden-city plans for Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad towns at Prince Rupert, Prince George, and Vanderhoof. They studied under the famous Olmsted firm. Their work with Hatley Park, between 1912 and 1916, produced a number of the landscape features that the Park is known for today, most notably the formal gardens leading off from Hatley Castle.

Corporate body

The Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform is a group created by the government of British Columbia, Canada to investigate changes to the provincial electoral system.

On 25 October 2004, it proposed replacing the province's existing First Past the Post (FPTP) system with a Single Transferable Vote (STV) system: this recommendation was put to the electorate-at-large in a referendum held concurrently with the 2005 provincial election. The referendum required approval by 60% of votes and simple majorities in 60% of the 79 districts in order to pass: final results indicate that the referendum failed with only 57.7% of votes in favour, although it did have majority support in 77 of the 79 electoral districts.

Another referendum on adopting the STV system was held and defeated during BC's 2009 provincial election.

Family · 1876-1961

The Bromley family are descendants of Arthur Bromley (1876-1961) and Laura Maye (Dunsmuir) Bromley (1884-1959).

Bruner, Gavin

bandmaster at Royal Roads Military College from 1979 - 1985

Caines, Michael

commandant at Royal Roads Military College from 1991 - 1994

Carl E. Peterson

Carl E. Peterson is a Victoria architect who has worked on numerous local projects. Representative work includes: Victoria Conference Centre and the Victoria Police Headquarters.

Catterall Family
Family · ca. 1884-1940

Thomas Catterall (1843-1919) came to Victoria, BC in 1884 and established a successful building and general contractor business, Thomas Catterall and Co., at 644 Fort Street. Among some of the prominent buildings erected are: Hon James Dunsmuir’s residence at Hatley Park, and former residence at Burleith, Craigflower Rd; Gordon’s Ltd, Yates St.; The old High School, Fernwood Road; residence of the late W J Pendray; Westover, on Shasta Avenue, off St Charles St, built for Albert Todd; T B Hall’s residence, Rockland Avenue; Snowden residence at Gorge; Graham residence, Hillside Avenue.

Thomas Catterall was born in Liverpool, UK in 1843 and married Agnes Wenzell. They had six children. The eldest, Harry Catterall (1871-1939?] also worked in the family business. In 1901, Harry married Ada Gladding and they had three children, Thomas, Helen and Laura. Ada Gladding's father, Charles Gladding, was a gardener working for the Dunsmuir family for many years and was initially in charge of creating the gardens at Hatley Park. It is possible that Harry and Ada met through their mutual association with the Dunsmuirs.

Citerley, Barbara
Person · 1935-

Barbara Citerley (1935-) is the daughter of Ella (Hayward) Kelley (1907-) and George Henry Kelley. Her mother, Ella Hayward, was born in Victoria in 1907 to Philip Francis and Minnie Hayward. Philip Francis Hayward was employed at Hatley Park between 1910 and 1920 as a florist and likely also as manager of the glasshouse complex. At this time, the Hayward family lived in the gardener’s cottage at Hatley Park, just outside the west side of the walled garden, near the greenhouse and conservatory. A second daughter, Frances Hayward, was born in 1913, while the family lived at Hatley Park. Philip Francis Hayward left Hatley Park employment around 1920 and in 1923 he and his family moved to California where he continued his career as a florist.